The Best Headphones For The Gym

We live in a world of music. Almost everywhere we go, music is involved. When we are stuck in traffic, we listen to music. When we go to events, music is usually playing to entertain the crowd. The world is basically moved by the sound of music so it’s very hard to live without it. I take music with me everywhere I go. It keeps me moving, and it keeps me motivated. I call music my “pre-workout” whenever I hit the gym. We often listen to music at the gym to keep us motivated during our workout. I don’t know about you but whenever I put my favorite workout music, I tend to lift more and stay longer at the gym. I guess music does really make a difference. In regards to choosing the right headphones for you is really your preference. I have seen bodybuilders and crossfit trainers use what I call the “earmuffs” headphones. These headphones will cover your entire ears to a point where you will not even hear the outside world when your music is on due to its sound cancelling capability. Others might prefer earbuds which are small and lightweight. Then we have those who likes headphones that are wired and others wireless. My advice is to purchase headphones that will work for you. Therefore, I would like to recommend the following if you are currently shopping for the right headphones for the gym.

SENNHEISER PXC 550 WIRELESS – I own a pair of these headphones and I have to tell you that I love its comfortability and music quality. The best part about these headphones is the fact that they are bluetooth capable. They also offer noise cancelling and touch sensitive control. The best is its 30 hours of battery life! It’s also bluetooth capable.You want headphones that are comfortable while doing your workout and the Sennheiser PXC 550 will not disappoint. There were even reviews that rated these headphones better than Bose.

BOSE QC35 WIRELESS – I have heard some great things about these headphones. They are actually in competition with the Sennheiser PXC 550. For those loyal fans of Bose, these might be the best option for you. Just like the PXC 550, the QC35 also offers noise cancellation option to suit your environment. Bluetooth capability and it gives you an option to optimize your EQ volume for consistent performance. Battery life is about 20 hours.

BOSE SOUNDSPORT FREE WIRELESS SPORT HEADPHONES – When these came out, I was skeptical about them being stationary. Will they actually stay in your ears if you are doing high intensity workout? Luckily, a friend of mine owned a pair and surprisingly, they will stick to your ears even with sudden movements. They are sweat and water resistant. Provides over 5 hours of power. The music it delivers is clear and powerful. Not a bad alternative at all if you dont like the big headphones like the PXC 550 or QC 35.

BOSE SOUNDSPORT WIRELESS HEADPHONES – Now if you the type of person that don’t like free wireless headphones but prefers a pair of earbuds, you cant go wrong with the Bose Soundsport Wireless headphones. They offer the same quality music and over 5 hours of battery life per charge. It’s also sweat and water resistant. I actually like these because the wires keeps them attached together as a pair. If you are not known to be organized and you tend to lose small things all the time, I’d recommend either the QC35 or the PXC 550. Other than that, these headphones are not bad at all.

What ever headphones you end up purchasing, purchase a pair of headphones that you will enjoy using and that will work for you and your workout! Goodluck!

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