Best YouTube Fitness Vlogging Camera

Best YouTube Fitness Vlogging Camera. I used to be a lifestyle blogger on YouTube about a year ago, but due to my busy life, I did not really have time to film and edit my everyday life so I stopped. I do plan on going back to it though but this time to focus on fitness. When I get to where I need to be physically, I will eventually start filming my workouts and meal prep just so I can help those who are going through the same process. A good vlog is not a good vlog if you do not use quality equipment. I know enough to tell you all my preferred camera option specifically for vlogging. With that in mind, here are my top five recommended camera for your future fitness vlog.

1.CANNON S120 – Yes, it’s pricey but imagine the quality. This camera is wifi enabled and produces 1080 recording capabilities.

2. CANNON POWERSHOT G7X -The best thing about this camera aside from its 1080 recording ability is its flip screen.



3. SONY A6500- It’s a bit bulky if you have small hands so it could be difficult to record, however, if you are able to manage, this camera is designed for passionate bloggers. It has 24.2 MP ability and 4D focus. Again, if you want quality, this is the one to get!

4. CANON EOS REBEL T6I – DSLR cameras are multi-functional. This is what the professional uses to all occasions. From music videos to just recording a special event. If you want something that will last you for awhile, I recommend this camera.

5. CANON EOS 80D – LIke I said, DSLR cameras are what professional photographers and videographers uses to perfect their craft. This one supports full HD recording with 60fps frame rate.




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