Eccentric Weight Training

I’ve been doing weight training for a number of years now. I can probably say that I know the basic of what type of workout works and what workouts that will probably not make a difference. Posture is key to all weight training movements. If you want your reps to be effective, you have to concentrate on quality over quantity. I’ve learn this from the knowledge given by Tony Horton and Shawn T from their famous at home workouts called P90X and Insanity. I will also blog about at home workouts for those who either do not have time to go to the gym or just cannot afford a gym membership in the next couple weeks. Posture equals quality and quality equals muscle growth and fat burning sensation. With that being said, eccentric movements is the way to go. After learning the advantages of eccentric movements, I have incorporated it to my workouts and have seen significant changes compare to me doing 10 bicep curls in less than 12 seconds.

What is eccentric weight training? Eccentric weight training is basically lengthening of the muscle while contracting.

How does eccentric movement work? Well, when you do a standard pushup, you have to lower your body to the ground. The downward motion of the push up is the eccentric movement. When you do shoulder presses using two dumbells or a resistance band, the upward motion is the eccentric movement. When you do pull ups using a pull up bar, lowering your body is the eccentric movement. The trick is, if you want it to work, you have to do the eccentric movement in three second counts. For example, when you do a downward motion while doing your push ups, you have to count to three at the same time you are going down to the floor and from there, you will perform a concentric movement by extending your arms.

What is the advantage of eccentric weight training?

Eccentric training will help build muscles and strength. It will also increase your metabolism. It requires less energy and increases range of motion and joint stability. True story, eccentric training is actually used in rehabilitation and physical theraphy as part of their routine to help their patients regain muscle strength. Trust me it works!


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