How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon

This blog is an interesting topic. How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon. We think of it as, how can we survive such challenge? Is eating a healthier diet help with the survival of this challenge? Does lifting weights going to ensure a finish line? Will running everyday going to help with the distance? An obstacle course is like a marathon but the difference is, you have to go through series of obstacles to keep going. A marathon is a long distance running race that does not require you to go through obstacles.

Both of these events do require a lot of preparation mentally and physically. You can be physically ready for this event but if you are not mentally there, it will affect your performance. Recently, I participated in my very first obstacle course. It required me to train hard for this event which means I had to change my diet and commit to the gym at least 5 times a week. I was successful and the changes that I made to my diet and my training really did help me get through all the obstacles successfully. Now each obstacle you will face do possess its own difficulty levels.

One obstacle might be easier than the other. This will require strategic planning. You will need to  study this obstacle before going through it. It’s a lot of hard work but the feeling of being able to overcome this challenge and running through that finish line with all of your supporters cheering for you feels like you have accomplished so much. Want to know a secret? For every obstacle, watch someone do it first, then plan your escape.

With this accomplishment, I wanted to share with you methods on how to train for an obstacle course or a marathon if you ever decide to sign up for one. Here are my recommendations for you all to follow.

Study the Event

(How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon)

Before signing up for either an obstacle course or a marathon, get to know what you are about to get yourself into. How do you know what to train yourself on when you don’t know what the event requires? Study the event by researching the demands. I usually use google to read on reviews from people who have already experienced the event. Going to the event’s main website to get information on the difficulty of this event is such a huge advantage because you are able to get an overview on what the event will be like. I also watch videos on YouTube to get a feel for the event and real-time experience from people who usually take a camera with them while going through the challenge.

Change your Diet

(How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon)

This is a no-brainer. If you want to be successful, you need to train your body on how to be successful. Obstacle courses and marathons are challenging events. If you want to survive these events, part of your training should be proper nutrients for your body. Pack your body with calcium which will help keep your bones healthy. Magnesium is also important because this will help maintain normal muscle and nerve function. You can get magnesium from seeds and fish. Protein as always will help with muscle recovery and growth. You can’t forget to eat your vegetables. Remember, feed your body with proper nutrients!

High-Intensity Workout (HIIT)

(How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon)

This is just as important as keeping a healthy diet. You need to train your muscles to be able to survive these challenges. I think the most effective training you can do is high-intensity workout. HIIT workouts center around short burst of very intense activity and alternating with less strenuous activity. You can sprint at a maximum speed for 30 seconds and following it with 1 minute of jogging, continuously repeating this exercise 10 times or more. I think this is a great way to increase metabolism, burn fat and it’s also quick. HIIT also does not need any equipment so you can do it wherever. Since introducing my body to HIIT, I’ve never felt so much better overall. I’ve also seen a transformation of my entire body and I feel a lot leaner and stronger.

Go on a Hike

(How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon)

Before training for my first obstacle course. I went on a series of hikes. This really helped improve my endurance and cardiovascular level which made it so much easier to keep up with the veteran runners of this event.

Create an Agenda

(How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon)

Sometimes we lose track of what we are supposed to do because life is just that busy. Having an agenda will help you stay on track. When training for an event, I usually have hanging on my wall my training schedule per week! It tells me what I need to train on and the type of workouts I should be doing. I also keep a diet plan on my wall just so I don’t lose track of what I should be eating. I highly suggest you do the same. Sometimes, you might even find me setting up a reminder on my phone just so I don’t lose track of everything. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Have Proper Gear

(How to Train for an Obstacle Course or a Marathon)

So the last obstacle course I did there were people who just did not have the proper equipment to function at 100 percent. I think not having the right shoes, socks, attire etc, affects performance. During your training, wear the same type of gear that you plan on wearing at the event so just in case you need to touch up on things that might not work out for you, you’ll have time to switch up.

I believe in the saying that you can do anything you set your mind to. The purpose of this blog is to give you a head start on how to train for an obstacle course or a marathon. I’ve been through it and these methods work. To be succesful in anything that you do, you need to build your confidence by taking action and broaden your definition of authenticity. Your outcome will compliment what you’ve worked so hard for.




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