P90X vs Insanity: Which Workout Video is Better?

If you are into fitness or even starting to research more about fitness, then I know you are probably on the internet every so often looking for the most effective way to lose weight. You may be someone who doesn’t have a gym membership then you might stumble across a few workout videos, but I bet you when you Google search “best workout videos”, you’ll probably come across two of the most successful workout videos to ever launch in the market. P90X and Insanity are two popular programs that sold millions of dollars in retail sale. Then, there is the debate about which workout is better and most effective. This is exactly the reason why I wanted to write this blog because I have done both workouts. P90X vs Insanity: Which Workout Video is Better?


(P90X vs Insanity: Which Workout Video is Better?)

Unlike Insanity, P90X is a home gym workout that requires equipment such as dumbells, pull up bar, and/or resistance band. If you are obviously new to fitness, the first day will probably be very difficult. Keep in mind, you’re body is not used to being challenged so you might have trouble keeping up, even during a warm-up. The whole point is that you need to stick with it. Rome was not built in a day and it’s the same for your body. It’ll take time but if you stick with it, the reward will be amazing. If you are someone that is trying to lose weight with the hope to gain muscle mass or just simply looking to tone up, then this the perfect program for you. The program also promotes muscle confusion.

This means for 6 straight days, each workout target a different muscle group. The concept will help restore muscle tissues from the previous workout and you will also develop functional strength and burn fat. The workout specializes in strength training. I love this workout and have given me tremendous results. The challenge gives you a sense of accomplishment so if you are looking to tone up and build muscle at the same time, this workout is for you. Each workout last about an hour with the exception of the yoga workout which will last you 2 hours.


(P90X vs Insanity: Which Workout Video is Better?)

Insanity, in my opinion, is a no weight high-intensity interval training. The warm up on each workout is already a killer which includes a continuous non-stop movement at 2-3 minute intervals. Warm up feels like a workout already. Insanity for me is more for athletes looking to improve their endurance. This is an all bodyweight training which uses no equipment. Insanity incorporates lateral movement, cardiovascular endurance, sprinting and muscle development. You’re always going to be moving left to right and jumping u[ and down.

The goal in this workout is to be quicker and since it also promotes plyometric workouts, you’ll be able to jump higher. I did the entire 60 days of Insanity after my success from P90X and the results were that I became leaner and my endurance improved drastically to where I was able to run longer without tiring myself too quickly. Insanity is the perfect workout for athletes, marathon runners and obstacle course enthusiast.



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