The Best Fitness Tracker For All Activities

The best fitness tracker for all activities. There are many out there but finding the perfect one really depends on your preference. Right now I use the FitBit Charge 2 which is a fitness tracking device that not only monitor my daily steps but also monitor the amount of calories I burn. Some of its features includes a heart monitor, breathing exercise, stop watch and it also tracks your calorie burn for specific workouts like yoga and weight training. It definitely works for me.

  1. APPLE SMART WATCH – If you can afford this at $329 then you everything you need. This monster has a built in GPS. Just like the Fitbit, it features a heart rate monitor and it is also water proof at 50 meters. This is a high end brand if you are looking to go all out.

2. SAMSUNG GEAR FIT 2 SMART WATCH – I’ve seen this in person and just the design is pretty sick! It features a number of popular fitness apps. It’s also water proof at 50 meter and features a heart rate monitor.

Price: $109.89
Was: $139.99

3. GARMIN VIVO SMART 3 – It does the job at an affordable cost. It monitor your stress and sleep. Heart rate monitor and activity tracking. Not bad for what it’s worth.

4. FITBIT CHARGE 2 – This is what I use now and it has helped me tremendously. Breathing excercise, calorie burn, and excercise calorie monitor depending on what fitness activity you are doing.

5. FITBIT BLAZE – Some of its features include GPS without actually draining your battery. On screen interface and the heart rate tracking is actually accurate! It also features different type of workouts just like the Fitbit Charbe 2. The only thing is, the battery on this one is pretty weak.


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