Tone Up and Build Muscles by Challenging Yourself

Everything we do requires some type of challenge. We challenge ourselves by making tough decisions. We challenge ourselves by doing things out of our comfort zone. For me, challenging yourself is part of our everyday lifestyle. We improve by accepting challenges. Fitness has the same concept. Do you want to change your body? You need to challenge your body on what it can do and NOT what your mind is telling you to do. We tend to give up far too soon when it comes to achieving our goals in life. If you want to give up too soon, what is the point of getting started in the first place? It’s okay to fail, because failure will help us fix the program. Failure will help us find another way to get to where we want to be. If you can’t do 10 push ups in one try, then do as much as you can and add 1 or 2 push ups as you progress, but don’t give up! Tone up and build muscles by challenging yourself.

Let’s go back to failure for a second and by incorporating the fitness subject since this is what this blog is all about. I’d be lying if I say I am perfect at it when I am not. I’ve encountered so many challenges where I would find the quickest way to finish a workout just so I can tell myself that I at least worked out. To some of you, yes it’s better than not putting in a little bit of work but is that really what you want to train yourself to do? This is NOT challenging yourself. Part of challenging yourself is by doing what your mind is NOT telling you to do. You have to learn how to overrule what your brain is telling you because you are far more capable of doing things than what your mind tells you. For example, if you are running on a treadmill for 1 mile keeping a steady pace, and your mind is telling you to stop because you are going to run out of breath but your body can physically keep you going, will you listen to your mind or your body? What you do in fitness is all psychological. When I cannot physically do another rep or another lap, that’s when I start slowing down to prevent injury. Remember folks, you are training your muscles and not your brain.

You need to have the ability to persevere and adapt to the challenges that lies ahead of you. I learned my lesson by adapting and by pushing myself. Again, tone up and build muscles by challenging yourself.

Want to know how I was able to overcome my failures and finally finding who I really am and what I am capable of doing? Follow these simple recommendations:

  1. Find something that will keep you motivated. For example, I watch a lot of fitness motivational videos of ordinary people that have really committed to transforming their body by adapting to the challenges.
  2. Find yourself a workout buddy that shares the same passion. I think if two people have the same goals, they can challenge one another by pushing themselves to their absolute limits. Have this person call you out once you start to give up.
  3. Find someone that have done the “impossible”. You’d be amaze on what you’ll be able to find out there. You might even believe that nothing is impossible after all.
  4. Buy new fitness gears. If you’re like me and you like to show off your new kicks or attire, then this is also a good way to keep you in the gym or even out for a jog.
  5. Take BEFORE and AFTER pictures. Sometimes, seeing your progress and what you have transformed to makes you appreciate your hardwork even more. I actually have an instagram account where I post my before and after pictures just to keep me on track. You are welcome to follow my journey on INSTAGRAM:




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